Four ways to let go. p3

Four ways to let go. p3

Last two posts I was talking about two things to let go to feel better. It was to let go worries about your past and future. and to stop listening to your complaining mind. Today I will talk about the third method of letting go. It is giving. But not the way some people like to do it. I will give you this and in return, you will give me that. Or I will help you with this and you will help me with that.

I mean it is ok to do this. But what I actually want to say, is to give without expecting anything in return. It sounds easy. Most likely through your mind already pass thought, that you never expect anything, when you give. But, when you really think about any situation in which you give something. When you look for honest answer deep in you. Was that really the truth?

Maybe, you really didn’t expect anything physically in return. But what about getting an adoration, attention, gratitude? Those are also things some people expect to get for their gifts. For example, when you give some amount of money for the renovation of a church or some public building, stop expecting to get your name on the monumental plate.

I’m not saying that this is wrong to get this. But be honest with you and do not do such thing, that you give your help, time, money and you expect to get your name to be mention in public as one of the donors.

Let go, this kind of thinking, expecting returns for your input, for your help. And check how much, better and free you will feel. And be sure that when you let go of your expectations, Universe will take care of giving you back. And you might feel in this moment like a little kid getting a greatest Christmas present ever.


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