Four ways to let go. p4

Four ways to let go. p4

Last three days I was talking about what to do to let go. It was stopping to worry about things happen in your past or will, could happen in your future. Secondly, we should stop complaining all the time. And the third method is to give away without expectation of getting something in return.

Today I want to talk about the fourth method, the last one but not least. Which is to have the ability of the non-sticky brain. Stop memorizing what happens to you or what people say. No matter if that was a good or bad thing. It’s already gone.

When you focus on memorising things, you actually start to compare any new event with this one from your past. This way, if you compare some good events, you can’t actually feel fully happiness, joy and satisfaction.

What I want to say, that, of course, we will memorise things in our minds. That’s just something we can’t avoid. That’s how our brain works. The thing is that no matter, what experience you have from your past, good or bad. No matter what you’ve learned. Do not let this to hide the truth. The truth about things, about moments you are now. 

 Summarising, to be happy and have a less stressful life we need to let go of those four things.

  • worries about past and future
  • complaining
  • giving expecting to get repaid
  • and memorising everything that happened to be able to compare new events or knowledge with the old memories.


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