From now to the future You.

From now to the future You.

Some people see and focus on how they look now. What they have, or usually what they don’t have now. In their minds, they create an image of a not satisfied person. Who lack some things, abilities or maybe appearance.

Even when that kind of person receives something, achieve some goal. He or she can not or don’t know how to show appreciation. Can not be or manifest happiness for any gift or achievement. That person usually sees just the flaws and shortages. Does that sound familiar? Hopefully not.

However, if that sound like you do not worry any more. You can change this. You need to focus on the future you. Think of how you would look, behave, sound and feel. Imagine yourself with as many details as possible.

Paint a picture of how people see you and how they treat you. How you feel with this experience. You might want it to write that all down. How you look, sound and feel. How people treat you. What they say about you.

Now at least once a day for 21 days sit, relax and read what you wrote. Feel it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in future. Start to think about, how it would be in this future. How it is to feel gratitude for all that.

This simple exercise will build in you a picture of better you and your subconscious will start to believe in this. It will lead you to that. And you will become that person in no time.

The thing to remember is that it’s no matter who you are now. What matter is who you want to become.


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