From zero to …

From zero to …

You are amazing. You can do and achieve anything you want. You have an astounding ability to learn new skills from level zero to … Only you can decide if you would like to become a master or just to know a little bit more about something. If this learning is to be the best of the best. Or maybe it was something you always wanted to try it out.

The thing is you can learn anything you want, whatever it is, You can learn. And, if you wish, you can become a champion in that skill. You just need to start, usually from zero as every master did. Every great cook starts with an empty pot. Every great musician had to take the instrument for the first time. Every Olympic ski jumper had to go on the stock and fall into the snowbank.

The thing is you can be, you can create whatever you want, starting from zero and building up your million. Not the one, not only the one, counted by the number of zeros, on your account. But rather, one measured by your talent, inspiration and creativity. Isn’t this amazing?

So, what is it that you would like to learn? Why do you want to learn that? What is stopping you? What can you do to remove that obstacle? When will you start? I’ll leave you with those questions. Just wishing you to find answers in harmony with your heart.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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