Future predictions.

Future predictions.

In the world, you can see now around you. With all that panic, fear and, be honest, mostly confusion about COVID. A lot of people try to do some predictions about humanity possible future.

They say, that it will come to this, that we all die. In the best-case scenario, just a handful of people will survive. Or that we might survive nearly untouched as this is just a stronger form of flu.

I am sure you have heard a lot of that and other types of prophecies. Are you, as most of people afraid what the future will bring? Why? What this will give you? What benefit this brings you now? Can you be sure, that at least one of these predictions, will turn true?

I will predict the future of humanity. And I will be 100 per cent right. The future of humanity is uncertain. This not only a joke, but it is also true. A true that shows you that we can not know what will happen in future.

You and anyone else can not predict the future. Life is full of supprises. And often it goes the way you can not foresee. Once again ask yourself. What advantage, I will have thinking and worrying about what happened?

Let it go. Live your life. Enjoy it. Take the best from it. Share the love, joy and happiness.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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