Get comfy with the difficult stuff.

Get comfy with the difficult stuff.

In your life, you might find yourself many times in front of uncomfortable situations, challenging choices, difficult circumstances. All of these are a normal thing in life. I know, that like most people, you would prefer to have a nice and easy life. A life, like they show us in TV shows. Abundant, healthy, happy. All the time. Though, think for a second. Would this awareness, this knowing, of having a life looking like, always easy, straight road, without any bumps on it, without any changes in the scenery, would not be a bit boring? Maybe not straight away, but after a while. Would you agree, that those difficulties and challenges, make your life more interesting? And at the same time helps you grow?

I know and I understand, that from one side, media feed us with many negative images and messages. From the other side, you might see images of people living in, what looks like, constant happiness, enjoyment and blessing. In both cases, you are seeing just fragments of the scenery. The positives in the first case and hardship in the second one are just omitted. Though, in everyone’s life, in every situation, there are always, both sides, good and bad. From you depend on which part you will focus on. Will it be the negativity in everything? Or will you search for positivity in every situation? The choice is yours.

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However, I would like to talk today a little about those difficulties. Or rather, how can you get comfy with them? How can you feel comfortable, when things get difficult? Like when you are about to start something new, like a new job, your own business, learning a new skill. How can you make the whole experience a little more natural? The beginning is usually the worst bit. That first step. Yeah, sure you make the decision, but did you set your mind to it. Like, deciding that you are starting now. When you make the decision, to start with something, just start it. Stop debating, how, when, what. Just show up and be committed. Surely, there will be a point when life will throw at you something unpredictable. In such a case, have a strong “WHY”. A firm answer, why are you want to do this? What is, that drives you?

In some moments, you might find yourself, realising that this is something you never did before. That you might not even know how to go about it. The trick is, to not articulate this and just pretend, that you know what you are doing. Even if this scares you, fake the confidence until you make it. Then you will see and say to yourself – It wasn’t so hard. It wasn’t so bad. Do not let this fear destroy your dreams. Another thing, you might find on your path, is the suck. When you think that you hit bottom and it can’t be any worst, here it comes, to prove you wrong. But instead of thinking, why this is happening to you, look at this as a friend who will make you better, stronger, more resilient. Embrace it by laughing at the absurdity of it.

Helpful is also, to surround yourself with like-minded people. The one, who will listen to you and that will support you. Another essential element is, to see and focus yourself on how you grow. What boundaries you extend. How you progress. What did you learn and what strengths you developed. Lastly, remember one simple truth. The more often you repeat some activity, the more confident you are in it. Confidence grows from practice and repetition. So, build your mindset to look out for difficulties in your life and to look at them as the best friends and teachers, that will make you a tougher, greater and wiser person. And life instead of being a hard, difficult and unpleasant thing, will become for you a great adventure, full of new interesting experiences and people.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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