Get out of your way!

Get out of your way!

OK! You have your goal. Your vision you want to achieve. Is it a dream car? Or maybe 2 weeks holidays in Bali? Or buying a new house? Or creating time and financial freedom? No matter if it is a small or enormous goal. You have it. You know what you want. Maybe you have also a plan of a sort, what you need to accomplish, to get to your goal.

Now, the question is how much you want it to achieve that goal? Ooo, I am sure you want it badly, correct? But! Exactly, the famous “but” shows up. And you start to listing things, why you did not achieve your goal, yet. Even worst, you might be listing, why you can not achieve that goal. Do you know that feeling? This growing frustration and anxiety when you do this enumeration?

Ever wonder why is that? Why, having a vision, a goal of what you want to achieve, you are shooting yourself in the knee? Instead of following a straight path to your dream. You might start acting toward your dream, true. But then, you get distracted, or maybe discouraged by someone or something.

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And you slow down on your path. Or maybe you stop completely. Your disappointment level, of not getting to your goal increases. So, you just shift your attention to something else. Something, approved by the people, you are surrounded by. Something that gives you, maybe not in a full sense, but at least in some little bit, a feeling of fulfilment. Feeling of achieving something, even if it is not, what you truly wanted.

This kind of behaviour is called self-sabotage, but I am sure you knew that. It is a common thing in about 90 per cent of the population. So, you are not alone with this. Though, do you still want to be a part of that crowd? The group that, yes might know what they want. They might have a vision and maybe a plan also. However, they sabotage their progress toward that goal.

Would you rather not prefer to join the people who – knows what they want, why they want that, what they need to do to get to their goal. And last, but not least, they act upon their desire. Which of this group would you prefer to join? I believe you chose the latter, the achieving success group, right?

So now, how can you stop self-sabotaging your action? The thing you need to do, to stop getting in your own way, is to recognize what are your behaviour patterns. In other words, why are you feel this need to destroy your plans? And then, how can you replace those with new, supporting you, habits. And it is not so hard as it might sounds.

Helpful in this task are famous, pen and paper. Just sit down and write on it all your thoughts and feelings, about why and how you are sabotaging your success. Once you have that, search for solutions, how can you build a new, positive habit, with easiness. Be patient, compassionate and supportive, of yourself. Know your values and goals and use this knowledge to achieve your better and happier life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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