Get to the top of that mountain.

Get to the top of that mountain.

There is a huge mountain in front of you. It might be frightening. You might think that you will not be able to get into the top. Or that it will take ages before you will get there. Your brain might try to convince that this all effort is not worth it. That better for you is just to not to do it. Not even try. This way will be safer. You survive. No matter the view from the top. Forget about the satisfaction of overcoming your fear and weaknesses. Stop. Do nothing. Stay where you are. Be safe. Survive.

This is how your brain works. Its main purpose is to keep you alive. Everything, what might be assumed as a danger, is forbidden. This whole protection thing blocks you from achieving your greatness. From making progress and reaching your full potential, as well as your goals. Most likely, you will not see that at all. You will agree with your brain and do nothing as it’s said. In result, you will get nowhere and have nothing.

How can you stop worrying and listening to what your mind is telling you? Can you do something about that? If so, what? How can you trick your brain and get to your goal? There are many different methods on the internet. Just have a look and chose one that suits you best. I want to tell you what works for me. Though it does not have to be the same that will work for you.

When I decide what I want to achieve and see that as a huge mountain. I am starting to focus on what is now in front of me. What I can do now. What steps I can take now, without putting to much pressure and stress on me. I am looking around me and enjoy the little things on my path to my goal. I am searching for the fun and positivity on my path to the top. I might not be there yet, though focusing on here and now makes it easier and more enjoyable to go on.

Try this for yourself. See how it works for you. Or look up for something that will works for you even better. Just do not let your brain to stop you from accomplishing your goals. Set your goal. Find WHY you want it. WHY you can have it. And then follow to it. Look around you at all the little things that are on your path. Enjoy the travel itself. Treat it as an adventure. And you get in your goal in no time.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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