Get up and try one more time

Get up and try one more time

How many times did you feel like a loser?
How many times did you quit?
How many times did you give up?

Of course, you’ve had a perfect excuse.
But who you really trying to convince?
People around or maybe yourself?

Let me tell you something. People around you mostly don’t care.
Of course, they will laugh from your failure.
They might envy you when you succeed.
But 99 times out of 100 they’re to focus on theirs life, to notice what’s others up to.

Now, you can still try to convince yourself you couldn’t do it.
Or you can actually do it.
Even if it is hard, even if you fail.
Even when the excuse sounds perfectly right.
You can fail, but it doesn’t mean you are defeated.
Remember this.

The only difference between people who achieve their goal and those who fail is that, people who achieve try ONE more time.
So get up. Be positive. Keep the good work.


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