Give yourself freedom.

Give yourself freedom.

Everywhere in the world, all people want to be and feel free. There are so many talks about freedom. Freedom from guilt, fear, from extra kilograms, from slavery, harassment, invasion and so on. There are so many movements and action about freeing someone or something. It is a natural human desire to be free, to feel free. But I want to actually talk about a different kind of freedom. The freedom from being to much attached to material things. To possessing as much as possible. To gathering, accumulating and stashing everything. For sure, you have heard, or maybe you even know people, who can not throw anything out. No matter how broken, or useless the thing is.

You too might have, that kind of urge, to do this. Just to have things. Just to own something, no matter if you need that or if you will use it. You just have it and that makes you, in some way, feel better. Though, is it really? Let’s look at somethings around you. You might have shelves full of books. How many of them you actually have read? To how many of them, you will come back for sure? Not like, o this was a fine book, I will keep it as maybe, I will read it again, at some point, later. Be honest, how many times, you actually, did this? Look into your wardrobe. How many, of your clothes, is there, that you might not fit in them anymore? How many of your shirts, jeans, shoes, whatever, you actually just both cause there where nice? And you never wear them on.

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I know, that subconsciously, you as many other people, feel safer having a lot of things. In your mind, you are prepared, for any situation, that might happen. So you stash everything, or most of the things, creating clusters of things in your house, garage, shed. Ana at the same time, in your life. How good is that? What do you think? Will you really use those extra things? How many of them you really need? How many times, you never use the thing, you just keep it, until it gets rotten, destroyed by time? Look at this from another point. Books like to be read, clothes like to be wear, things like to be used. So maybe it is time to declutter your life, your bookshelves, wardrobes and so on?

I know it might be hard to release some things. Especially, if you are a sentimental person. I fully understand that. To be easier for you to do this, you might want to do that slowly. Step by step. Let say, you might want to look at two bookshelves today. And, with whole honesty, decide which of the books you will really read again, and wich you just hold because maybe, in some not specified future, you might come back to them. Same, you might open your wardrobe and decide to give away five of your clothes. Think that you are giving them freedom and a new life, that they will be more useful for someone else. You might do this again in two weeks time. Give your self space and freedom from attachment, from stashing unnecessary things.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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