Gloomy day.

Gloomy day.

Oh, my god. This is a horrible day. It is short, dark and gloomy. I do not want to do anything. How many times, do thoughts like this cross your mind when you wake up in the morning? In Autumn and Winter, days might look a bit depressing, when you allow yourself, to look at them this way.

However, think about this. In Summer we’ve had long sunny days, right? To keep balance in nature, don’t you think, that this kind of reversal is fair? And wait for a second. You live in a world where you have light so it is not dark. It is just a matter to flip the switch.

And why you said it is gloomy? Comparing to what? Day on the Bora Bora or Fuerteventura? Did you ever see or experience a hurricane or tropical downpour? When a lot of things get destroyed? And in summer in your area. How many people at this time were complaining about the temperature? That is too high? That it is too dry and too hot?

Do you know why others, I hope you do not, are so hard to satisfy? They always look for the negative side of everything. And they always find something to complain about. And the last thing. You take away your willpower, saying that you don’t want to do anything.

Now, knowing this, you can still hold to that thought or if you, do not want to be like them, I have a simple, yet, effective and powerful trick for you. In every moment, no matter how gloomy might look at first. Search for beauty and positivity. It might be, for example, a sunray shining through the leaves. Or gentle and soothing rain sounds.

Look around you and search for goodness. For what makes you happy. What is pleasant for you. It might be hard at the beginning, but it will be easier every time you do it. Finally, it will become natural to look at every day and everything with this new sight. And see all the good and positive things around you.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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