Good procrastination.

Good procrastination.

How many times in your life you knew, that you need to do something, yet you delayed this thing? Let say you had an important email to reply to or a phone call to make. Yet, you were too afraid of doing it or maybe there was something, that looks more important to be deal with first. Sometimes, you might don’t want to do this thing, even if this might be a significant task. You are searching yourself for other, not really important things, to do, to keep you busy. To give you an excuse, to not do this one, simple, but maybe, unpleasant assignment. You know what I mean. Surely, you can think about at least one of such a situation in your life.

This kind of delaying things is not really good. It might bring more harm than benefits. You know that. However, you just can’t make yourself do this task. And I completely understand you. We all have that kind of tasks. You know You have to do it, but you not really comfortable and not really want to do it. However, I want to today say about positive procrastination. Say, what? – you asking – How procrastinating might be good? Well, where most of the tasks should not be delayed, there are things, that it is good to postpone. How’s that? What kind of activities? Think about this, are all tasks you are doing, have real value for you? And I mean not only like material value. Money or business opportunities. But also the spiritual one. Like feeling better, growing yourself.

You might do something, just because you think, you can’t say no to someone. Or it is your annoying you, unhealthy habit, that you have. Those things include snacking, smoking, drinking alcohol, meaningless flipping through social media. In this case, would not be better for you, if you delay this and do something of more importance? What do you think? Or think about this kind of situation. You are talking with someone, or, like now, watching, listening to someone’s ideas. In such a moment, your brain suggests to you a million thoughts, how you deal with a similar thing. Or what mistakes this person made in this discussed thing. You just can’t wait for a chance to spill out what you have in mind. Usually, criticising another person or glorifying your superiority.

It is quite normal as you think about four times faster than you talk. So, your thoughts just fill up the gaps in the received message. However, remind yourself, when it was you talking and someone just blurts out scrutinising your thoughts or actions. How did you feel at such a moment? In your opinion, how will feel the person, who you listen to when you will treat it the same way? Would it not be better to delay this? Be present and listen to that person, focusing on it fully? There might be many other things that you might want to, now consciously, delay. Things that have no real value and might just make your life harder. Though, never delay things like showing appreciation to someone, creating something great, supporting people who need that and any other positive, inspiring and motivating activity that can and needs to be done now.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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