Grow your mind garden.

Grow your mind garden.

Are you taking care of your garden? I do not have one. Is that your answer? O yes, you do. We all have a garden. It is not one you might think of, not the one outside your house, where you plant some flowers or veggies. But yet, it is a very important garden. The garden of your mind. Your mind is a wonderful thing, that needs your attention all the time. It is a very powerful tool when used properly. You can create in your mind, literally everything. And if your vision will be clear enough, it makes you wanted to create this thing, in the material world. This is a very unique power, we human possess. To think of something. Create the vision of the thing and then make it real.

Don’t you think this is amazing? Yet, to be able to do this whole act of creation, you need to take care of your mind, of your garden. To have it clear from any weeds that might want to scramble your creative thoughts. There are many weeds, that might try to interfere with your creational power. It might be for example a distrust of yourself, disbelieve that you can make it happen. Fear what if you fail. Or fear what if you succeed. Yes, I know how it sounds. Though some people are afraid of success as well. Even if they are not aware of that. You need to root all of those weed, weak thoughts, out.

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You might wonder, thou, where all those malicious thoughts come from? And how can you root them out? Well, most of them you have from your childhood. When you were learning them, observing your parents and environment. Some of them might come when you were older and you did not know how to deal with failures. There are many reasons. You might want to do some research yourself, where your malicious thoughts have their roots. Though do not spend on this to much time. Do not focus on this too much. Find the roots and then remove them from your mind. It might not be easy to do so. Be strong. Be persistent.

Remember though, that you can not just root those thoughts out. Why? Well, what happens in the real garden when you root out the weeds and leave the place empty? What do you think? Exactly. The weeds come back. So every time the gardener removes weeds, he or she plants something in that place. Same with your mind garden. If you remove the wicked thoughts you must plant on this place something, that you want to think of. You need to replace one thought with another, the one you like to have. Otherwise, the old thoughts will come back. Well, they will try to come back, even when you plant new ones. Though, they will not have enough power to grow, if you focus on the new, positive and creative ones. And every time it will be easier for you to shift your focus to the positive thoughts, removing the unwanted ones.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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