Happy habits.

Happy habits.

Whenever you are on your life journey, surely there are moments of doubt and sadness. You might find yourself lost in such moments. Especially, when you were living in the belief, that enjoyment and all blessings, will be applied to your life automatically. Yes, it might take some time, nevertheless, it will be kind of done for you or delivered to you. And, surprisingly, it did not work this way. If you will hold to this belief and wait, sadly, nothing will happen nor change in your life. If you would like to live a simple and happy life, that you will enjoy, you need to master a few disciplines and ways of perceiving the world.

What are those disciplines and ways? A few of the most important are those. Finding the flow, expressing gratitude, meaningful relationships, living now and being adventurous. How can they transform your life? Let’s look at them a bit closer. I am sure you have heard about being in a flow. It happens whenever you are so occupied, by your task or activity, that you completely lose track of time. Usually, it is easier to get into that state, when you are passionate about something. However, flow can be achieved with any activity that required continued focused thinking. So look out for activities that make you happy, on each of your days, to get you into the flow state. This way you are building and wiring yourself to seek more of them and to be even happier.

When you express gratitude for any, even small thing, you are increasing your happiness level. It is proven that those small manifestations of appreciation, when regular, has a greater impact on your mood than a few big events or accomplishments. Having good and meaningful social connections also boost your positive attitude. Another important thing is to focus on now, on the present moment. Enjoying it and experiencing it fully. Being active and open now is a very important, yet often, overseen element of life. Do not let yourself, be consumed, by worrying about your future or reflect on your past. Live them be. You can not change the past. And to change your future, you need to focus on this moment, on now.

Finally, to be happier and more present be adventurous. Look for new experiences. Try to learn something new. Like a new language or skill. Or just read or watch some materials outside of your usual interests. Or talk with someone about his or her interests. You can also just implement simple changes to your daily routine. Like taking a different route to work or school. Or stopping on your way and contemplating the view for a few seconds. Those simple activities will transform your life in a way, you would never imagine. It will make your life experience and at the same time, you as well, happier, blessed and extraordinary. So, build those happy habits and transform your life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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