Have a digital break.

Have a digital break.

How much time do you spend online? Probably a lot, right? I’m just guessing, but in current times, if you are offline, it is as you are not living at all. Nearly everyone and everything is now available on the internet. The plague that hit the world moves our lives to this medium even further. We do shopping online. Some basics doctor, solicitor and lawyer advises are given over the internet. Most of the jobs were changed into a so-called remote. Some people claim that this is our future. That everything will be automated and moved into the web.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe, we will have a world like in some Sci-Fie movies. Thought, this all isolate us from each other and makes the communication skill diminish. I have seen and experienced so many situations, where a group of people, sitting in one room, write to each other messages. Moreover, this kind of living makes us forget some basics life skills, such as cooking, repairing clothes and other things. We start to forget that, after all, we are children of nature, preferring living in groups. This way of living has even worst effect on us. It makes us unhappy, stressed and depressed

We are putting too much faith and confidence in this medium. I am not saying we should give it up completely. I am using it myself. I am working remotely. My business is online. I exist in this world as well. Though, it is not the only place where I am active. I am doing a lot of meeting real people in the real world. Talking with them and spending time with them. In such moments I am completely offline. I am switching my phone into a fly mode. I put my laptop aside.

So, now, I am challenging you to take a break from your online life. Switch your mobile into a fly mode for an hour for a starter. Or if that’s too hard for a start, just do not answer the phone or check the notification coming straight away. Let it hang there for a few minutes. Believe me, the world will not end because you did not read some article or post about something. Or because you did not answer the phone. Go somewhere, meet friends. Talk with real people. Go into the park or at the lake. Enjoy nature and other human company. See how beautiful and amazing experience this is. See how great is the life outside of the web, of the internet.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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