Have you appreciated yourself today?

Have you appreciated yourself today?

Hello, Tribers.
What does mean to appreciate self? Is this making you an ultra egoist? For what should you be appreciative? What can make you feel grateful? Why it is important? And lastly, how can you awake this feeling in yourself? Check this material to learn a bit more.

What does appreciation do for you?

How do you feel when someone shows you an appreciation for something? Is this an unpleasant feeling? I can bet you feel great. Even, if somewhere along the way, sneaks the kind of feeling, planted by society, that you should be modest. That you should not be too proud. Moreover, that pride is something inappropriate. Evil. Is it really? Where is that thin line of being too proud? Who draw it? Why you should not be proud of yourself, especially when you achieve something?

Well, it is a bit hard to decide when too much is too much. Right? And actually, who can state, for sure, what are the boundaries for that? Who gives that kind of authority to anyone? Nevertheless, the most important is, that you allow yourself to be proud. That you appreciate yourself, your skills, appearance and your achievements. This does not mean walking around with a megaphone and loudly listing all your values. Or, by some manipulations, trying to bring others’ attention to your actions.

Regardless of all the above, being appreciated and appreciative as well, makes you feel better. If you do not believe, just remind yourself of something from your past, that you completed and that makes you feel proud. Or maybe a situation when your parents, or someone else, said a nice word about you. How do you feel at that moment? Did you want to do even more? Try even harder? How do you feel recalling this memory? Those are the effects of being appreciated.

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Why else be appreciative?

As we discovered already, appreciation make a person want to multiply its efforts in doing something. No matter how difficult or even icky the activity could be. It is typical, even expected, to show appreciation to others. Especially, if they do something nice for us. Usually, it is also quite easy to show another person, how much we appreciate their doing. However, what about you? Are you showing yourself appreciation for your accomplishments? For your doings? Even more importantly for your life? For just being here on this planet?

I have seen many people, me included, not even noticing that we did something good and, what comes after, not showing appreciation for that to ourselves. Are you like this as well? Or maybe, even when you, as many of us, recognise some action or something else you could be appreciative for, you just not doing this? Maybe you think, that it is nothing, reducing the importance of your action, of your achievement. Saying, that this is no big deal and waiting for the BIG one to come.

You might wait till the end of your life and still, nothing big enough might come up. Do you want that? Is that something you would like? Hanging in a waiting state? So why not start showing appreciation now? Why not feel that positive sensation in your mind and body? Do you really have to wait for others to show you appreciation? What is stopping you from showing it to yourself? Can you remove this blockage? When will you do this and start showing gratitude to yourself?

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How to be more self-appreciative?

There are times you might feel very proud of yourself or of what you completed. Other times you might feel a little bit down. When you feel good it is quite nice, isn’t it? However, in those low moments, it might be hard, to appreciate anything about self. To recognize anything to be grateful for. I know that too well. During my life, I had many moments like that and I know, how it is to feel like you are nothing and not worth it.

However, I want you to ask yourself, as I did. Is this really, how I want to think about myself? Do I want to feel this way? How would I like to feel instead? What I can do to evoke these kinds of emotions in me? Helpful with this task, might be a variation of the “54321” method I described in one of my previous posts. Simply you search around for things you feel grateful for. Five you can see, four you can hear, three you can smell, two you can feel with your touch sense and one you can taste.

Another helpful method is to memorise and recall, one very important thing from probability. There is one chance in eight million that you will win the lottery, yet you still might buy the ticket. One in nearly four million chances for you being in a plane crash, yet you still might take the fly. There is one in four thousand odds that you will have a car accident, yet you still driving. And there is just one chance in four hundred trillion, that you will actually be born. Remember this. Remember, that you’re important, your existence is a blessing. So, for a beginning, start appreciating just this simple fact today.


We briefly answer, what appreciating yourself, is doing for you and why it is important. We found two simple tricks, how to shift your thinking and start to appreciate yourself. So now, when you will start?
I would greatly appreciate it if you will share, in the comments, what interesting and positive you found in this material. If you would like to see more of this check the links below.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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