Have your “WHY” defined.

Have your “WHY” defined.

What would you like to have in your life? And Why? Why this “Why” is so important? Can you get to your goals without it? Can you create “Why” that will support you on your journey? Want to know more? Just read what comes next.

What would you like from your life?

Who would not like to be successful? This way or another, right? I mean, we all have different visions of success. Yes, sometimes they might be similar to others. However, usually, there are always some differences. Little nuisances, you might say. Not everyone would like to have a Lambo, right? And even if we just take Lambo enthusiasts, I can bet that each of them would like to have this car a little modified, to stand out from others. The point is, some people would like to have similar things, but not exactly the same.

When we ask people about, what success means, for them. We might get similar answers. Money, fame, travel, nice car, big house and so on. But when we ask them, to be more precise, then we can see that each of them will have different details. Yet, the main point is, that we all love to have, some kind of, success. One that will help us lead an enjoyable, stress-free life. I would. Do you? To achieve this you might be going after many different ideas. Trying many things. Listening to many gurus and experts, who will try to convince you, that their idea is the best. That it gives you guaranteed success, no matter how you might imagine it.

Usually, this whole race did not bring you the desired results. You might wonder, why this is happening. You did follow the steps and you have done some or perhaps, all the things they said to do. In your mind, you hear questions. What is wrong with me? What I am doing wrong? Why this is not working for me? Is that really working for anyone? Or it is yet another scam. In worst-case scenarios, you might get really depressed, that you cannot achieve your success, following someone’s guidelines. But there is a light in this tunnel for you. It is everything right with you. Though you need to do something to make these concepts works for you.

Why do you need ‘WHY’?

You can achieve success, whatever it is. The thing is that you have your own definition of it, right? You know what it looks like and how it feels for you. Most likely you have a full detailed vision of your success. With all, how it look, feel, smell, sound maybe taste. It is yours. Not mine or the man or woman, from the advertisement, who is trying to convince you that this idea they want to share with you, is the best of the best of the best. And it will work for you, hundred per cent. Well, it might. Most likely though it will not.

Unless you will do something to make it yours. What I mean by that, is that you, of course, can make the idea, someone is giving or selling to you, works for you under one condition. You need to have your own strong, unbeatable “why”. The “why”, that will motivate you and inspire you. The “why”, that will push you when you feel lost or under the weather. The “why”, that will scare you a little when you think about it, but not too much. Not like frighten you. But rather, it will give you this kind of excitement. A boost, to do whatever is necessary. To cross your comfort zone boundaries. No matter how much you might feel uncomfortable or what obstacles you will find on your path.

This way, when you define your goal, this “why” of yours, you will make the secrets of other gurus to achieve success, serves you well. Surely you might want or need to make some adjustments to it. But usually minor ones. Because of your “why” their methods, tricks and tips will work for you. Cause you will use them to achieve YOUR goal. Cause you have “YOUR why”, that is pulling you toward your destination. Toward your goal and your success. That’s why is very important, so you have that “why” clearly defined. And to always remember it and have it in front of you. So you can reach for it whenever you need it.

How can you find your ‘WHY’?

So now, how can you create your “why”? How can you strengthen it? Is it possible at all? What do you think? How would you proceed with that kind of task? If you are not sure, here is what you can do. Start to think about different things you know. Different objects or activities. And with each of them observe your emotions and feelings that appear when you think of them. Eliminate the ones that have negative emotions attached and focus on those that make you feel good, happy, satisfy. Those that make you smile.

Now when you have those things. Ask yourself. Do I really like them? Do I really enjoy them? What I am ready to do, to get them? To achieve them. You might also ask, as I did. Is this really something I want? Or I just choose it cause it is something popular. Or maybe your friends convince you, that this is something you will like. Something that you should or have to have or do. Find something, that is really yours. And you will find it using the technique just mentioned. Think about things and observe your emotions associated with them.

Lastly, and this is also a very important part. Be consistent and persistent. You will not be able to achieve anything, without those two components. Your WHY is there and it will help you with this as well. It will keep you going, motivate you to focus rather on your goal and WHY you want to achieve it, than on the severe bits that might appear. Helpful with that is also, to write down your WHY, together with your goal. So, what do you want to achieve and why? Remember though, it needs to be written as a positive sentence in the present tense. And then have it always close and read it as many times as you need, as a reminder.


In this short time, we briefly discover the importance of having a goal and knowing WHY you want to achieve it. We also discuss one of the methods that you might use to find and create your own WHY. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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