How does gratitude impact your life?

How does gratitude impact your life?

Hello, Tribers.
Do you show gratitude, appreciation? What is it? How can you show it? When you might be willing to show it and why? What this emotion can do for you and your life? Check the following material to learn a bit about that.

What is and what makes you not feel it?

Let’s imagine a situation when you want to have a nice blue Lexus. Yet, at this moment in time, you can afford to get a second-hand Toyota in eyes blinding yellow. What would you think at such a moment? Or another example, you would like to get as a Christmas present a new console and maybe a few games for it. Yet, under the tree there you find a book or fancy mug. What would you feel at this moment? Would it be disappointment or appreciation?

I know, that at some point in life, when you might have your expectations for receiving something or fulfilling some plan, dream of yours, it is easy to feel disappointment or even anger, when your hopes are not coming to be true. This is the way you can observe all around you. You can see these kinds of reactions nearly everywhere. Among your friends, family, in movies and so on. By this, you might come to a conclusion that this is the normal, natural way to feel, to respond like that. Though, is it really? Does it have to be like that?

When you want to have something very badly and, no matter how hard you try or how much faith you put in getting it, you can’t get it. It is very tempting to feel disappointment. To focus only on that aspect that you didn’t get what you wish for. And by years of life and observation, it may feel natural, to forget or omit the fact that you did get or achieve something. Sure, not precisely, what you imagine, but still you have received or earned something. At the minimum some life lesson.

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Why do we forget to be grateful?

The world around you, and if you have seen some of my previous posts, me as well, feeds you, through all kinds of channels, that it is enough to just have a strong belief and work hard. By doing this all your wishes will come true. This is correct. Your dreams will come true. Yet, there are a few things that you need to remember. But we will come back to this later. For now, let’s think about why it is so hard to remember about showing gratefulness.

I don’t know if you’ve had some kind of experience like that in your past. Or if you remember it at all. However, in some cases, you might encounter your guardian’s disappointment. When they expected you to behave in some way and you didn’t. No matter now, if you did that on purpose or by accident. You just failed their expectations and you might remember their face expressing disappointment and disbelief. This episode could save in your memory a belief to be disappointed when things go sideways to your plans.

Other things, that might make you forget about being grateful, is what you have observed in many movies and even in a real life. Where many people just don’t show appreciation. And, I remember in some movies, it was even shown in the way as a weakness. This also gets saved in your memory at the subconscious level and create some automatic rule for you, of how you need to react when you did not get what you want. But could you break this circle, how and why?

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How and why to practise appreciation?

Showing gratitude is very important. If you do this, even if you getting something else than you’ve wanted, you create a very strong frequency. And it is proven by science that our bodies and our thoughts, together with emotions, create a massive electromagnet. Which attract to you everything that you think of, feeling, so-called, elevated emotions. Such as love, gratitude, joy and a few more.

Isn’t this a good reason to show gratitude? If it is not enough for you. Recall how you feel in a moment when you show it. Or if you can’t recall any situation like that, create one. Go somewhere and show appreciation whenever someone is nice to you. Let’s say, show appreciation to baristas work on making your coffee. Observe how do you feel. Observe how does the other person react when you show your appreciation. Then ask yourself, what was good in that? How well do you feel?

Practice showing gratitude for whatever you have or receive now. Do this consciously. Whenever you receive something, even if it is not exactly what you were wishing for, show your gratitude. Think that someone, or maybe you yourself, put a lot of energy, work, time to deliver this to you. See behind the gift you are getting, at this effort of other person and show appreciation to that. Create this high frequency and attract more positive moments into your life.


Shortly we were talking about some pros of showing appreciation. How can you practice it and why you might want to show it. I hope you find this interesting and you take some knowledge with you from this short video.
I would greatly appreciate it if you will share your thoughts and feelings about this material in the comments. I will read and respond to all of them. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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