How good you are for little You?

How good you are for little You?

Ever heard about the inner child? Who or what is it? Why should you be good for it? What can you get from that? How can you interact with it? Want to know more? Let’s dive in then.

What is the story about an inner child?

Nowadays, this is a very popular subject. You can hear about it nearly everywhere. There is a lot of talks, what it is or who it is? As well as, how you should treat that little being. So, if you are interested in this subject, I will just put a brief overview of it here. But there is a lot of information out there. I recommend “The Child In You” by Stefanie Stahl. In this book, there is actually a division of two sides of that child. The Sunny and Shadowy one. I’ll be honest, I did not read it yet, therefore I will not pretend, that I know a lot about what is in this book. But I’ve heard about it a lot of positive comments. It is on my reading list as a next position.

But coming back to the topic. What or who in your opinion is the inner child? If you think it is you, when you were a little boy or girl, you are absolutely right. This is the simplest explanation. We all are combined from many personas. Some are nasty, some are kind. Some are funny, some grumpy. Some serious, some jesters. Some very grown-up and some childish. And so on. Some of those characters are very strong, dominant in you. Where others are less manifestable. But you have them all. And all of them create you. No matter how much you would be denying this. No matter how much you will try to hide some of those characters. At some points, they always find a way to show up, even if only for a blink of an eye.

However, one of these figures is the most important. It is that inner-child. Even if you might think, how this one is the most important. It is me who is the grown-up, Who rules, earns money and makes decisions. Well, yes, consciously this is the truth. However, at the subconscious level, it is this little you, who actually pulls the strings. How is that? Did you notice, how hard it, sometimes, is to achieve something for you? How much do you struggle, if something is boring to be done and no fun reward to be seen? How hard is it to cope if something is not as you would like to be?

Why is it good to be good for the little you?

This is how you, and we all, really act. Whenever you need to do something that brings you fun, you can do it, all day long, right? If something is boring or difficult to be done, but you know about amazing and fun rewards, you can focus better on the task. As you see, even when deciding if you will proceed with some activity, the fun aspect is important. No one want’s or likes to do the boring stuff, right? And here you can see your inner-child showing up. When you need to do something not really appealing, but you can either make it fun or you can assure yourself that later you get a fun reward, then you can easier make it.

Surely, you might and probably will get annoyed, when something does not goes the way you planned. Especially, if it is something that is out of your control. Like unexpected delay or detour. Or when your favourite shops get closed. Your inner-child might at that point start shout and stomp his feet, over the unfairness of that situation. You can manifest that outside and do those things. And this is actually a good thing, as you release your negative emotions. Just be sure to do this in some secluded place, where no one gets hurt or offended.

When you feel that kind of restrain, this kind of annoyment and unwillingness to do something. The worst thing in that situation is to yell at yourself. To curse and offend yourself. By doing this, you hurting your inner child. Who does not know nor understand why you react so harshly. Especially, that you, the grown-up, do not want to do this thing either. Yes, your adult part will have multiple explanations as, why you need or have to do something. Like, I need to have income. I need to have money to pay my bills. And so on. But those arguments most likely are meaningless for your inner child.

How can you be good for your inner child?

In such moments, when you do not want to do something. When some outside and out of your control thing happen, remember that you have that little child in you. However, this those not mean you are a little child. You are not this little unhappy, screaming and rebellious child. It is just one of your parts, trying to get your attention and show you what you really feel about a particular situation. But you have a choice. You can scream with that part. Curse the whole world at loud. Stomp your feet. Maybe even destroy something. Or you can show this child how it can look at this whole situation differently. With a positive attitude. See the good aspects of that circumstances.

Secondly, as a grown-up, you know that protesting against something that is out of your control is useless, right? It is just a waste of your energy. I know it might be hard to accept a bad situation. But what this objection is giving you? For example, does your objection about whether, you do not like, will make it change? The only thing this will actually bring you is feeling like a victim. Do you like to feel like a victim? So, what can you do in such circumstances? What do you think? How could you approach that with that new knowledge? You are absolutely right. Just let it go. And again show your little child some positive aspects of that. This way you will feel as if you are in control.

And lastly, show your little one, that this unexpected change has its purpose. It is a life that wants to show you something. Something beautiful or very important. It might be something about yourself. Some truth about you. But you would not notice this without that thing, without that redirection or obstacle on your usual path. This is also allowing you to train yourself, to become a better person. To grow even more. So, again what can you do? What if you would just smile at that child and talk with it, explaining that if it will look around, surely it will find the reason, why life makes you go this particular path. What a beauty, lesson or other positive aspects you might find on this path.


Summarising, you know that you have a little child in you. You know, how it might want you to react, to different situations. And you know what can you do to make it cooperate with you. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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