How good you manage your emotions?

How good you manage your emotions?

How are you react when someone is not nice to you? Or when someone tries to skip you in the queue? Or in any other situation, you can think of? I know that at first, you might want to react and you maybe react, allowing your emotions to get better of you. Cursing that person or maybe even doing something not nice. It is easy to lose control and let emotions to control you and your reaction. Usually, after that, you are regretting your behaviour, you might be ashamed of your actions. Feel guilt that you could not control yourself and that you were so mean.

Controlling emotions is impossible, unfortunately. We are very emotional beings. Emotions are given, implanted in us for a specific reason. To give us feedback about our thoughts. You can test this very quickly. Think about some sad situation. How are you feel? Now, think about something nice for you. How are you feel, now? See, whatever you think of, emotions straightaway give you feedback, by the way, you start to feel. So it is important to have positive and kind thoughts, as this way you impact your mood. And I am sure you like to feel good and be happy. Don’t you? hough this is not always possible, especially when some… Please, don’t go this way.

So what can you do about that? What can you do, if you cannot control your emotions? Like you already know, you can control your thoughts. So what? – you might say. Well, simply when something not nice happens to you. Or if someone will be unkind to you. Instead of reacting straightaway. Take a step back. Literally, make a step back. Look at this whole situation. Look at your thoughts and the emotions they generate. You might want to count to ten or focus on your breath, to slow it down. And then think, why you feel this way. Try to find the source of your feelings and emotions, forgetting about what externally cause it.

Looking inside you, searching for the source of those emotions, might reveal something interesting. Something, that will help you to respond to the situation, in a kind and polite manner. Know this, that feeling anger or rage or hate in you, does not mean, that you are a bad person. You, as all of us, have a broad range of emotions. Though, having some, that you might not like, does not mean you are this emotion. Acknowledge them all. Allow yourself to feel them all. Even, if you might be a bit concern or even scare, of that concept. Look for a source of those emotions. Being aware of your every emotion is a first step to be able to respond to them properly. And that is, what you, my friend, might want to aim for.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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