How grateful you are?

How grateful you are?

Appreciation is a very powerful feeling. It belongs to the category of elevated emotions. It has the power to change your entire life. How? and what are those elevated emotions? Well as you can guess from the name, elevated emotions are those ones that elevate your spirit. Makes you feel good. Makes you feel full. Makes you want to act. Those are opposite to the inferior ones, such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, hate, envy, fear, guilt and so on. The list is long and, let’s face it, boring. To elevated feelings you can count, love, appreciation, happiness, compassion, empathy and so on. Do you see the difference? You might feel a little bit better, even reading their names.

The first ones will make you feel bad. Make you want, to lie down, curl in a bed and do nothing. Just waiting for the day, events to pass. Those are so-called survival feelings. They make you just do enough to survive throughout your life. Living day by day. Seeing just the misery and problems on your path. Allowing yourself to live by them is just a huge waste of your potential. Of your greatest gift. Your life. Don’t you think? Do you like to feel this way? I know, you might be so grown into those emotions, that you might oversee other possibilities. I know how it is, to be so consumed by those emotions, that you might assume, that this is just how it must be. That this the normal thing. That this is how life is. How it needs to be.

However, how long you like to believe in that? What benefits you have from this kind of beliefs? Do you like to feel this way? Do you enjoy it? Can you do something about it? What can you do? As I said, I know how it is to feel this way. I felt this way for a long time. I understand your situation. And I know, that believing in this, that this is the way life goes, is rooted in you very deeply. So deep, that you might think, that you can not do anything about it. This just escalates the survival feeling of helplessness, along with the stress and others. And by the law of attraction, you just invite more wicked events, to make you feel even worst.

But you can change this! You have the power, in you, to transform your life, by changing your emotions. I know, that at the beginning, it might be hard for you, to even consider the fact, that this might be true. That this is true. You can do it. You can change your emotions, thoughts, feelings and by doing this your entire life. How can you do this? For starter, search for things you appreciate in your life. Like the sunrise, peaceful morning at the lake. Health, beautiful hairs, the ability to breathe by yourself. The beauty of roses in your garden, trees in the forest. The happiness of your pet when it sees you. Tasty breakfast, juicy fruits, delicious coffee or tea. With every next finding will come another one and then another. This is the law of attraction in action. Bringing you, positive thoughts, to elevate your feelings. To make your life better and more enjoyable.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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