How much you like your life?

How much you like your life?

How much you like your life? How much you appreciate all that life brings you? Or maybe you dislike your life? You are disappointed that you do not have things you would love to have? You might be frustrated seeing others having a wealthy and prosperous life. Having many successes in it and doing things you always wanted to do. Possessing things you always craved for. You feel a stab of jealousy each time you see that kind of people. You might have unhappy thoughts in those moments. Maybe you even abuse those people, either at laud or in your head, thinking that, they get everything by being unfaithful, deceiving and stealing from others. That, they do not deserve all that.

How long do you want to think and feel this way? What this kind of attitude is bring you? I can answer that question for you. It will bring you more things making you unhappy and jealous. By the law of attraction, like attract like things. When you focus on things others have and you don’t, you are emitting a powerful signal to the universe Genie. This signal is saying – I am missing those things and I feel unhappy because of that. I feel envy cause my neighbour has those things. So bring me more proofs that the world is a bad and unfair place. And the Genie will say – your wish is my command – and it will bring you more this kind of experiences. Nice, isn’t it? What, you do not like that? You do not want that? So what can you do?

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I am sure you know the answer. You know it by heart. Though, you might not like it. You might not want to admit that. It is easier to criticise and look just for the flaws in everything. It is so easy that, it looks like a natural way of behaving, for many people. But like I said earlier, this will just bring you more things to be unhappy with. If that’s what you want, well, it is your choice. I hope that this is no true, though. That you want to be happy and have a life you would love, cause I think you deserve that. I think that we all deserve to be happy and have great lives. Full of love, abundance and many other blessings. Would you agree?

So how can you transform your life and make it better? It is actually not so hard. It required some effort from you, yes. But don’t you think it is well worth it? So for having a better life you need to follow a few simple rules. Firstly, be happy now. No matter what is your current situation. Look for positive aspects of it. Secondly, feel gratitude for everything you have now, even if its something very small. For another beautiful day. For being healthy. For having food to eat. Appreciate everything you achieve. Every kind gesture you receive. Love without expectations. Bless and feel happy when you hear about someone’s success. Concentrate your thoughts on those feelings. Search for them. Search for opportunities to feel joy. Look for beauty and goodness around you – and Genie will bring you more of it every day.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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