How selfish you are?

How selfish you are?

How selfish you are? I know what know comes to your mind. You, most likely, think something along the following lines. – But I am not selfish, I love to share with others. I love to share my goods, my knowledge and my experience. I am supporting a local community, giving donations o charity. I love to give this and that. I am always giving some coin or food to the poor. I am always helping when someone needs it. And so on. And that is very good, that you are like that. You can be pleased with yourself. Though I would like to talk about a different type of sharing. Maybe, not the one you could think of. A very unique one.

Let say, that you have some huge task to do. It will for sure take a lot of your time and a lot of effort to manage to do it. And at the same time to have a normal life. It is so massive, that you might actually, have to sacrifice some parts of your life, to be able to finish it. Similarly, you might have small tasks but in so large number that it might look like a neverending list. Will this make you feel good? Well, maybe at the end. You might feel satisfied that you make it. That it is over. You may be praised by others, for making it own by yourself. Though, deep inside, especially at the beginning of this task, you might feel anxiety. Maybe discourage, fear, anger or panic. You might think, why you agree to do such a big task. Or, why you take another one when you have so many already?

What could you do in such a situation? How could you approach this kind of task or tasks? Surely, you know the answers. And you absolutely right. First of all, think if you do have to agree to take such a task or tasks. If this is really, unavoidable. Something you must do. If not, why just not be assertive and politely say no? If, on the other hand, it is something that you can not refuse, what can you do? Do you need to do it all by yourself? Really? Why? Why you can not share this kind of things as well? Right, I got you, you might not want to share the glory afterwards. Or you might feel that it is not right to share a task, that you agree to do. How can you give a task to someone else if you agree to do it, right?

Well, I understand your point of view. Though, what this is giving you? Besides that, you will be enormously busy, have no time and maybe, in the end, you will get some appreciation, just for yourself. Just ask yourself, is that all worth it? Is it worth to lose your positive mood, live in stress, have no time, just for some theoretical return? Why not ask for some help? Ask, not give commands or orders. Why not approach your friend, family member or coworker and politely ask if they could help you? Do you think that you can do everything better? Well, maybe this is true. I am not saying no. Though, why not give others a chance to show their talent. Let them feel that they are important as well. Why take over yourself a burden, bigger than you can fulfil, without losing your focus, peace of mind and enjoyment? Think about this.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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