How stubborn you are with your plans?

How stubborn you are with your plans?

We all have plans for today. For tomorrow. For feature. For life. Sometimes those plans are great. Sometimes they just let you go through life. And sometimes those plans are a complete disaster. Having a plan is an important part of every human life. If you do not have one, If you do not know what you want from life, how can you ask for it?

But the main thing, with plans, is how are you hold to them. How persistent you are with your plans. Are you, not willing to change, make adjustments to your plan, seeing that it leads to the catastrophe? Would you rather fail, than admit that some correction needs to be done? Are you forcing yourself to stick to your plans, just because you want it that way? Just because it has to be either, your way or no way?

I hope you answer “no” to those questions. However, I know my self that it is very hard to admit that your plan is not perfect. Or that it leads into the spiritual hole. I know that very well from my own experience. It took me quite a while, to understand and comprehend that, I do not have power over the future and people minds. I hope that reading this material, will help you to learn that life lesson, quicker. So your life will be better and easier and that this knowledge will save you a lot of pain and disappointments.

You still need to have a goal, you would love to achieve and basic plan how you would proceed with it. Though, do not hold to firmly to it. Have an open heart and mind. Listen to your intuition. Allow the universe, higher instance, god, you name it, to lead you to it. Trust that it has the best for your path to your goal. And maybe sometimes an even better goal, than the one you choose. With this thought be ready for the best what the universe has for you.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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