How to be positive?

How to be positive?

Did you hear someone suggesting you to cheer up? To think positively? But how can you do this? How can you smile, have positive thoughts, cheer up, with all that is going on around you? Let’s check this out.

The feelings accompanying “Be positive”.

Letting the negative thoughts get over you is easy. Especially now. With all that’s going on in the world. The whole situation is unstable and, let’s face it, looks very discouraging. A lot of workplaces, businesses, close down. And it happened in a short time, nearly like overnight. People around you get paranoid about getting very sick and die. Wherever you will go, whatever you might hear and see, this is the number one topic now. It is the most popular subject of chats everywhere, right?

And in all this you, my friend, hear the advice to be optimistic. To cheer up. To think positively. To be happy and smile. What do you feel, when you hear, that kind of suggestions? What is the first emotion, that is emerging, when someone, first is telling you how dangerous and difficult our times are now? And in the next instance he, or she, is suggesting you, to be happy and optimistic? What is that you think and feel in such a moment?

Are you cheering up as suggested? Do you start to think positively, feeling happy and optimistic, as recommended? Or rather you get annoyed? Maybe even mad, without knowing and understanding why is that. Feeling depressed and anxious, as the messages you are getting from your friend, are denying themselves. Most of the information you receive, is contradictory now, isn’t it?

Ignorance, does it work?

I completely understand your attitude. The way you feel. This is quite normal and natural to feel this way. Especially, when you are getting information like that, denying each other. But what can you do? Are you condemned to feel this way? Do you really have to be so confused, by all that you listen to and observe? Is there any way to be positive? To develop a strong positive attitude?

I hope you answer “Yes”, to the questions above. However, if not, no worries, I understand that. I know, how hard it might look like, to build and maintain positivity. But you can do it. You can raise yourself over all that and be happy. You can enjoy your life and look forward to your future. How? Can you close your eyes and ears for the whole sad stuff, that is going on? Should you wear pink glasses? Ignoring that all bad things? Pretending that everything is ok. That nothing happens.

Not at all. That would be close to impossible. However, there is something you can do. First of all, know this. Positivity, happiness, love and joy, are your natural states. Natural emotions. And they are all the time in you. Sure you might not feel them now. You might push them in some deep place of your soul. Cover it up, by all the sad and stressful thoughts and coming from outside bad news. Yet they are there, in you. Waiting for you, to awake from that hopelessness.

“Be positive” – how?

But how can you do this? How can you shake off all of this negativity and pessimism? To do this, you need to look at and recognise, your way of thinking. Then, whenever you see or hear anything, that might threaten your attitude, you need to remember, that it is you, who is responsible for the way, how you will respond to this information. It is you, who have the power to make the decision, how this knowledge will impact you and your mood.

It might be a bit challenging at the beginning. Surely it will take some time. But don’t you think it is well worth it? How your life would change if you will be more optimistic? What would your life look like, when you will be more positive? As was stated above, you can not and you should not try to ignore the bad things that happen. After all, this could be even worst. However, you can shift your perception of these things.

You can do this by a quite simple action. Stop yourself for a second. Step back and look at the whole situation. Try to recognise what is that you think and feel, regarding the situation or information. And then ask yourself – How, I can shift my perception, of this event and find something good in it? What are the positive aspects of the whole situation? How can I effectively and creatively solve the issue I am facing? What I can learn from this experience?


Summarising. Even in the midst of the negative situation. Even getting pessimistic information. You are in charge and you can keep a positive attitude. You can do this by searching and focusing yourself on what is good in it. On what did you learn, from it. On how can you solve the issue effectively and creatively. So, decide to look and focus yourself, on the positive aspects, no matter what is going on around you. And your life experience will improve.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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