How to become an expert

How to become an expert

Did you ever wonder why is so important creating content every day? Listening to and reading for half an hour every day? Why mentors put so much stress on this?

You might hear about the rule of 10 thousand hours. It basically states that to become an expert in any area you need to spend 10 000 hours on doing that thing. Practising it, Learning it.

Quoting Earl Nightingale if you spend one extra hour every day on a subject of your choice. You will become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

The key is to be consequent. To study, practice, work for that hour daily. To remove all doubts, excuses and obstacles. And just do it.

I know what you think right now. Five years? I need to do something for five years to get results? To become an expert? Well, first of all, those years will pass no matter what will you chose to do. Secondly, if you can do more, spend two hours instead of one this time will get shorten.

So ask yourself – do I want to live an ordinary life? Or I would rather do that extra hour to become an expert and have a great and fulfilling life?


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