How to deal with failure.

How to deal with failure.

A few times already, I was writing about commitments. How important it is to be committed to your plans. Not only to try to do something. Thought, I know from experience, that no matter how committed you will be, there will be a time when you will fail. And that’s ok.

Now, in such a moment’s power of your commitment can be recognised. Your response to that failure is showing that. Do you give up? Throw everything and go away? Then, sorry, this is really your failure.

What can you do when something like that happens? How can you turn the odds? It is actually, pretty simple. At least to say. Draw a conclusion. Look at this failure from a distance and think why it happens. Adjust your plan to avoid situations that might provoke that failure in future.

Now, you fail. So what? Even the best of the best fail. Get up, learn from that failure and move forward. Do not spend to much time thinking about that failure. Quickly do the summary of why you fail. And how you can avoid the cause of it, the next time when it shows up on the horizon.

Another helpful thing you might try is a trade-off. Let say you committed to healthy eating and more active lifestyle. Yet, then, you fail as you walk beside a takeaway or sweet-shop and get yourself a treat. O my God, You broke your commitment. What now? Just do the trade-off. You eat something unhealthy, ok. Do 10 more push-ups or 20 more minutes brisk walk or whatever activity you are doing just do it more of it.

Doing the above, you grow. You become more self-aware of your weaknesses and strengths. You learn how to recognise and avoid situations that might cause failure. Knowing your enemy will make you more relaxed and allow you to enjoy your life more.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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