How worthy, you think, you are?

How worthy, you think, you are?

Do you talk about yourself a lot, trying to impress others? Showing up how great you are? And what can you do? Or what you already did in your life? Highlighting all your achievements and skills? It is great that you can do this or that. Amazing that you achieve something. That you are active and can perform some difficult tasks. This is really awesome. Though do you think others care about that? About your achievements? I am really sorry to disappoint you, but we are all raised this way that we focus only on ourselves. Secondly, we love to show up, talking bout our achievements. You are no different in this.

Though, in fairness, this is just a prove how insecure you feel. How anxious you are about yourself. About fitting in and being recognised and accepted. It shows how much you actually lack self-confidence. By trying hard to impress others, you show all o this, though, most likely, you are not even aware of that. But now you gather this knowledge and can do something about this fact. Of course, if you are willing to. If so, know this. You are worthy. You are priceless. No matter what are your skills or achievements. You are valuable just because you are here. Just because you exist, this is enough. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone. And when you realise this fact, you will no more feel the urge to do this.

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If you really want to impress others and become unforgettable, you need to stop talking about yourself. Instead, start asking about other people achievements, interests and hobbies. The only moment you talk about yourself is when you are asked to do so. But do this without overwhelming others with your awesomeness, giving as many details as possible. Remember, you do not need to prove your worthiness to others. You do not need to impress anyone. Be relaxed, natural and spontaneous. And when possible, move focus to the other person and start asking about their interests. This way, you actually become memorable.

Other skills that can make you unforgettable are, giving others without expecting anything in return. Ability to laugh at yourself, at your imperfect side. Be always yourself, hold to your standards, though, respecting others beliefs and feelings. Express happiness and joy for other people successes. Be enthusiastic and passionate about your goal, your dream. Show kindness, friendliness and respect to everyone not only to those you know. Embrace your imperfect side, see the beauty of it, this will make you more confident. But, remember, that same as you, others are also unique and amazing, and we are all equal. Finally, show self-respect and self-love by exercising, eating healthy and drink plenty of water. This way you are taking good care of your most valuable assets, your body and mind.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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