How you can improve your life?

How you can improve your life?

How is your life? How are you feel about it? Are you satisfy with it? Are you enjoy your life? Yes? That’s amazing. If you are truly happy with your life. If you are satisfied and fulfilled, this is just marvellous. No? Well, I tell you a secret. You are the one who can change this situation. No one can do this for you. But, no matter, if you are satisfied or not, you might want to improve your life. To be better, to be even more satisfying and to bring you even more happiness and joy. How this sound to you? Is this appealing to you? Is that something you would like to achieve? Do you want to know how?

You, as all human beings, are instilled with a desire to improve. In some people, it is buried deep under all negative and doubtful thoughts and beliefs. Others feel this as a burning longing for having more, being the best, improving everything and everyone. None of these approaches is good for you. One will keep you in a place, where you don’t feel good, have no satisfaction, no joy. Or very little of that. The other will makes you feel dissatisfaction, anxiety and stress. Especially when you will not be able to improve something or someone. When things that you are trying to improve resist and stay unchangeable.

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There is another path. The one in the middle. To easier follow this path you need to know one thing. There are two zones in your life. Learning and performance zone. The performance zone is when you do something, you already know, as best as you can. You aim to eliminate or at least minimize mistakes in the skill that you already master. The learning zone is when you actually improve. Your focus is on skills, that you do not master, yet. You are aware, that you will make mistakes. You expect them and you welcome them, as you understand, that you learn from them. You are focusing on challenging yourself, your new skill. Usually outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes with help of some professional, who will lead you and give you feedback on your progression.

However, all that starts with finding your desire to improve your life. So, first, find it, if it was buried under something. Secondly, understand, that you can transform and improve only your life. Not your friend, brother, neighbour. Only yours. Of course, you might help them, if they will ask for it. But you are responsible only for yourself and for your growth. Next, think, in what way you would like to enhance your life. What is that you would like to learn. What is that you would like to master. Finally, believe that you can do this. That you are more than able to do this. That you have everything you need, to achieve your goal and improve your life. If you like, find someone who will help you to achieve your goal and who will give you feedback on your progression. So, just start your journey of improving your life to become a better version of yourself and to enjoy it in full.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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