How you use your knowledge?

How you use your knowledge?

Whenever you start learning something new, what is your approach? Are you just looking for as much knowledge and information as you can find? Or, maybe you look for knowledge but at the same time, you are using it and practising new skills.

A lot of people just gather information about something and that’s very good. They have an enormous knowledge of some specific topic. The thing is they never actually put it into action. The good thing is that they mostly are willing to share that knowledge with others.

And that is perfectly fine, if you want to be or if you are like that. Just ask yourself, is that what you want? Is that all that you want to do? Or maybe somewhere, deep inside you, you have a feeling, that you could make good use, of the knowledge you gather?

Think about that. Maybe, if you will put your knowledge to use, you will become a great inventor of a new thing, that will help many people and bring you money and fame.

Of course, you do not have to do that and there is no assurance that it will be like that. However, what is more important, you will not regret later that you never even tried.

So, my suggestion – gather knowledge, share it and use it. Learn new skills by looking up information and tutorials and at the same time, practice them, in real life.


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