Importance of self-honesty.

Importance of self-honesty.

How honest are you with yourself? Do you allow yourself to be honest? Or maybe you are afraid of this? Afraid of what that will uncover, what thoughts and feelings? Afraid that you might not like them, not approve them? That those thoughts and feelings would be some negative ones. But why is that important, to be honest with self? What being honest will give you? Is this beneficial for you in any way? What actually means to be honest with yourself? How would you define this?

Well, surely honesty requires some amount of courage. To admit to yourself, that you might have some negative thoughts or emotions. That you might have some angry thoughts. Feel hate or envy. Or want to vengeance some abuses. Though, you need to understand, that having these kinds of thoughts and feelings, does not mean you are a bad person. Having them does not mean, that you are like that. Understand that you have them, not that you are them. This is, a very important difference, you need to learn.

You are a good person, I am sure of that, no matter what kind of negative thoughts or feelings might exist in you. We all have them. Those were imprinted in you years back, in your childhood, by your upbring and environment you grow up. It was so long ago that you even might not realise their existence until they surface. Thing is now, to be aware, to be watchful and recognise those thoughts and feelings. And at this moment, named them at loud, and ask yourself. Do I agree with them? Are they related to my faiths and values? Do I want to have them in me? What can I do to relieve myself from them?

When you see this kind of thoughts and feeling in you, acknowledge them. Try if possible to find a source, a true origin of that thought or feeling. And then allow yourself to question these beliefs. Explain to yourself what is wrong with them. Why you do not like to have them anymore. And how, from now on, you want to, and you will look at yourself, your life and others. This is a very cleansing and great experience, giving you great power. Do this thought, feelings cleaning, with compassion and love, and feel the clear, bright and positive vibes in your heart. Are you ready for this? I am sure you are.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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