Inducing elevated emotions.

Inducing elevated emotions.

There is a lot of talk about feeling good, elevated emotions, positive thinking, motivation and other topics related to the way you think and feel. Researchers explain and by many experiments prove that the way you feel impact your life experience. And that your emotional state, your thoughts and feelings work as a magnet. Attracting to your life things that correspond to your current state. This belief has, recently, more and more followers. I do believe in this myself. Though, for a long time, I was wondering, how one can induce those elevated emotions. It was in a time, where I struggle a lot with many issues, in my life. And it was hard for me, as they say, to feel good. And actually, every mentioning of feeling good makes me feel even worst.

All of the gurus, mentors, I was talked to, listening to and follow, only said to do this or that. Like – you need to feel good. You need to think positively. You need to feel elevated emotions like, love, joy, gratitude, trust, and others. But, how I, suppose to, could feel this, when my marriage just went into the state, that I could not bear it any more. I left home and became homeless. I ditch my business and have no job or any other source of income. I had no money, no savings and actually a big debt. And there, some guy or a lady, wearing expensive clothes, in a wonderful and exotic place, drinking coffee and enjoying the great weather. And this person is telling me to be happy, to enjoy life, to feel love. I just simply could not. I just feel bad about myself and my whole life. And, yes, angry at this person, and envious of they and other people success.

I was feeling all the bad emotions and have all kind of bad and stupid thoughts. I was in such a poor mental condition, that it starts to affect my health. The worst thing actually, was that all this self-pity makes me blind to all that I had. I had great friends, who as soon as they find out about my condition started to help me. By offering me a place to stay, financial help to be able to survive, find a job and get back on my feet. But importantly, they listen to me without judging or making me feel even worst. Showing me all things I had, that I oversee, by my focus on the negative things. I have started to recognize them one by one and slowly I learn how to and start to appreciate them.

I have also learned, that my biggest asset is me. And as long as I am breathing, I can count on myself. I start also some research on my own, on how one can induce positive emotions. Especially, being in a big, dark hole, like I was at that time. And here are the few techniques, that help me and that I am still using to induce elevated emotions whenever I feel low. Feel free to test them for yourself. I always love to listen to music and I knew that already, though I forgot about it, that music can impact one’s mood. So I started to search and listen to the songs that boost my happiness. Then I thought, what if I join the audio with some visuals and I started to watch a lot of comedies, standups and other shows that make me laugh. The next thing I found was to remind myself about good and positive experiences from my life.

The last, but not least, of the aspects to my improvement, were people. People who see me as a good, valuable and worthy person. Who listens to me without interruptions, judgements or tons of advice. Who believe in me and in, effect, make me start to believe in myself as well. All this, help me a lot and gives me confidence in myself and my abilities. Secondly, this reminds me about times from my past, before I started my first business when I was helping people similar way, and my friend always makes a joke altering my name to mean, in free translation, an adviser, coach, mentor. From these memories and my experiences, I have got an idea to, actually learn this and become a professional coach. And here I am.

So, if you struggle with any form of mental blocks, I will be more than happy, to have a chat with you, so we both find out if we are a good match. Just drop me a line here or find me on FaceBook or LinkedIn and we go from there.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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