Intentions, a great help for a better life.

Intentions, a great help for a better life.

Hello, Tribers.
“With good intentions, hell is paved”. Have you ever heard this kind of saying? There is a lot of talks about approaching things, people, activities with specific intentions. Let us check today what are the intentions, why it might be important to use them accordingly and how can you create the one that will serve you well.

What is an intention?

Nowadays there are a lot of talks about intentions. Nearly everyone who works with people, helping them to heal, find their solutions or teach how to relax through yoga or meditation and many others, use this term. The term is actually, very simple to understand. You, most likely, know the meaning of it already. The thing is not everyone is able to articulate that definition. It is something on tip of your tongue. Something you are aware of, understand somehow, but not really are able to explain.

I am too, now, struggling with this. The easiest way would be to use some examples. So let’s say, you are going to your car. Start the engine and then go on the road. Yet, you didn’t set any destination for your journey. You have no goal, nor directions where you want or need to go. It is similar to not having an intention, for how do you want your day to be. You just allow it to happen to you. It might be nice sometimes to have that kind of day, where you let fate bring you some surprises. But in the long run, this might and will cause you more troubles than you might wish for.

When you set yourself a destination to which you want to go, setting intention activates parts of your mind, that makes you more aware, more receptive to the ways of how can you follow your path, which way will suit you and finally, which one will make you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Moreover, when you set an intention for your journey, you are creating attraction and bringing to your life, in this case, one lucky journey with happy arrival to your destination. Of course, this is not the only thing you can set the intention for.

Why do you need intentions?

As we just discover, intention can be used in many different situations. To name just a few examples. You can decide to set your intention to have a great day. To have a nice conversation with your boss or spouse or kids. To purchase a new phone, you were dreaming of. To make someone happy. To enjoy your holiday. To bring balance and peace into your life. To make time for your passions.

The importance of intention cannot be neglected. It is because of what we already also uncovered, that if you go through your life without it, you are just letting life happen to you. You resign your law to make choices, to make decisions in your life and yes, to take responsibility for it. You just allow others to decide what is good for you and what you need to do, how do you need to live. The question is, do you want your life to be this way?

As you see this act of setting an intention for yourself, for your life, is very important and powerful. It tunes your mind to a state that allows you to be more aware of what is going around you. More conscious of choices you have. Of choices, life and the world offer you. It makes you more receptive to the opportunities, you might miss it otherwise. Lastly, it attracts things, people, situations according to the intention you’ve set.

How can you set and use them then?

As you surely already noticed, the first part of setting an intention is quite easy. You just need to think about what would you like to achieve. Think about what would you like to bring into your life. What kind of situations you would like to have. How you would like, some specific events of your life, to go through. And that the first part is done.

Now it is time to announce your intention to the universe. One of the ways how can you do this is to take pen and paper. Sit for a while quietly. First, feel gratitude for what you have already achieved. For what you’ve learned. For all good that you experienced in your life. When your level of gratitude arise, check with yourself, what do you think and feel about the thing you are about to set your intention for. And then write all your thoughts and emotions on the paper.

Now, going through those notes, reading them, observe what and how do you feel. Think about what you already put on the paper and see, if from all those thoughts, formulate one simple idea. This will be your intention. You might need to give it a bit of polish, but you discover it. Now, the last thing to do is to write it down and remember it for the whole period of time you create it for. If it was for a day, keep it in mind for that day. If it was for a week. You get the drill.


Summarising, we just shortly spoke about what is an intention and why it is important for you. You also learned a way of setting it and announcing it to the universe.
I would greatly appreciate it if you will share your thoughts and feelings about this material in the comments. I will read and respond to all of them.
In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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