Internal vs External Motivation.

Internal vs External Motivation.

In your life, you might feel forced to do something. Do some chores that are not necessarily pleasant, though they bring some kind of compensation afterwards. This might be, learning some specific knowledge at school to get high notes at the end of the year. Working whole month to get paid, and so on.

This might be something that you would love to avoid, but it is not really possible. Those things might not be in line with your beliefs or with your wants. You do them, putting the less effort you can, just to get by and earn the reward.

But there are some activities that you just want to do. Activities that make you happy. Activities that you enjoy to do it, without waiting or even wanting to get an award. You do them because they’re in line with your nature, with your passions.

No one needs to push you to do those. You feel inside motivation. And you enjoy them with whole your heart. Doing them, you losing track of time. You are in your own world. Focused on getting this thing done. To see the final effect. To enjoy the moment when your doing will be finished and ready to show to the world.

Now the thing is that usually, you are doing this as a hobby. Just to relax and have some fun. More likely, not realising that you might still be doing this what you like and enjoy doing and get paid for that. This is the trick, no one told you, no one ever teaches you.

You might wonder how you can achieve that? How can you get paid for doing what you love? How can you turn your interest into money? If you would like to know more, I am inviting you to check this website. It contains step by step guide created by a group of people like you, who achieve this and now they share their knowledge with you.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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