Is being lazy good?

Is being lazy good?

How many times did you hear someone calling you lazy? Or maybe you call someone that? Sometimes playfully, other time sarcastically or with some annoyment. What are the cons and pros of that kind of behaviour? Off being lazy. Check it in the material to follow.

What is laziness?

I am certain that, when you hear the word lazy, you have some pictures in your head.  Maybe it is someone lying in the bed. Where all around is a huge mess. Maybe it is an image of someone lying on the beach, relaxing. Chilling out. Maybe it is some homeless, that is begging others for money. Or maybe it is a picture of someone sitting in front of a TV with a remote and bored face, flipping aimlessly through channels.

Whatever it is, that image you hold, it is most likely the right one. But why laziness is associated and imagined usually with these sorts of pictures? Usually of a neglected, gross, bored person. Containing mess in the background. Doing nothing, what would be productive. Nothing creative. Why those pictures are so negative? Can laziness be positive? What do you think? Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

The easiest answer to that first question is, cause we are presented with these kinds of images of lazy people by all media. Search for images of lazy, laziness, lazy people if you are curious. Or just remind yourself of a movie in which there is a beggar or homeless person. Or someone who gives up upon something and is not doing anything. How does this person look? How do other characters treat this person? What do they say to it? Is this person welcome anywhere?

To be or not to be, lazy?

Having these kinds of images planted in your head, you might feel that, this is something wrong. That you can not be lazy. That if you will, something bad will happen. Or maybe you will not be accepted by others. Excluded from society. And isn’t that the greatest concern of nearly everyone on this planet? To not be rejected. To fit into. To be a part of some group. To be a member of some community.

Yet, I a not sure you are aware of that but this is creating a lot of pressure and makes you feel guilty whenever you take a few minutes to relax and have some lazy time, right? Or when you “cheat” a little at work and do nothing for several minutes. I need to confess that this is the way I am feeling every time I do such a thing. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes not. I just feel that I am a dishonest person. Not productive, lazy.

Thou, recently, I have learned that this kind of “lazy” time is actually a good thing. It is not unproductive at all. During these kinds of periods of time, your subconscious work. Searching through your memories, knowledge, experience database for the solutions to the issues you are facing in your work. Unless, of course, you don’t spend time dreaming about your holidays or this beautiful new car you want to buy.

When laziness might pay off?

When this can be a good thing? When it might be an advantage? Can it be at all? How can you turn your laziness, into a positive? What is your opinion? I would love to hear it, so please share it in the comments. I will share my thoughts here. Being lazy does not necessarily need to be a negative thing. Nor does not need to look like the pictures we see in media. And in many cases is not like this at all.

There are many, not too well known, cases of inventions that change our lives. All because someone was looking for some solution to not overwork itself. Devices like remote control, smart speaker, escalator. All and many more come into existence cause of the laziness of some people. You’ve might hear a proverb, that a lazy person, is the best for a difficult job, as it will find an easy way to make it.

A lazy person will look also and find activities that will give the highest outcome with the lowest input. It will find a way to automate monotonous, repetitive and time-consuming activities. Also, so-called, mind wandering helps with processing information with the use of diffuse thinking mode. Moreover, idle time is good for your mental health, allowing you to better take care of your emotions. So be lazy, but use that to your advantage.


In this brief time, you learned that laziness, applied properly, might not be so inappropriate at all. You have heard about a few benefits of it.
In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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