Is fear so scary?

Is fear so scary?

What are you afraid of? Is it losing something or someone? Or maybe you afraid of pain? Or upcoming changes in your life? You might feel fear in many situations. But is that something bad?

You might, like a lot of people, think that life would be better, easier without fear. And you might be right. However, I want you to consider this. Your fear is your a friend. Sound crazy, isn’t it?

Think about that. If fear would not exist, what would warn you about some potential danger? Without fear, how could you be brave? Without fear, how you would know your weaknesses, things you need to improve in yourself?

If you would not be afraid of anything, you could not be brave as well. Same as if there would not be a light if darkness would not exist. Without fear, life would not change. Day by day would be identical, cause, as we state earlier changes are one of the sources of fear. This would be boring, don’t you agree?

So try to understand your fear, and stop being afraid of it. It is necessary, from time to time. Accept that, make it your friend. For ease, when you feel this way, ask your self, what is that I am afraid?

If, it is pain, do not try to convince yourself that it won’t be painful. Rather think if you would not feel any pain, would that be truly a good thing? Maybe eventually, you can tolerate a little pain.

If you afraid of losing something or someone, think if you are not attached to that thing or person too much. Ask yourself if, maybe, would be worthed to let go, to make space for new.

Respect your fear. Take care of it. Look for what it tries to point you at. What information it wants to deliver to you. What it wants to warn you about. Remember that fear can be useful if you approach it the right way.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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