Keep balance being helpful and supportive.

Keep balance being helpful and supportive.

You might have a tendency to help everyone around you. And this is a great attitude. It is great as our world needs people like you. People, who are carrying, compassionate and eager to give a hand. Who always look for solutions, not problems. Who try to lift other spirits. Though being like that, a friend or supporter of everyone is a wonderful thing. You need to remember to be a friend and give support to yourself. To have balance in those two areas of life.

Sometimes you might be so focused on helping others, on carrying and supporting them. That you might forget, that your health, dreams, goals and life is equally important. That you need to give all that what you are giving others, to yourself. All this support, friendship and love. This is a very important truth to learn and remember. It is important to learn that truth now, before you might feel exhausted, burned out and not wanting to do anything for anyone. Not really understanding, why you actually feel this way.

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Helping others and forgetting to help yourself, makes you a great person, especially for them. Though you live other people lives, you organise their lives. Struggle with their problems, expectations, demands. And you burn yourself out. Cause you are neglecting your life. Your struggles. Your happy moments. The logic behind that is simple. How can you offer help in ordering someone’s life, if you are not happy? How can you comfort someone, if you are not content with your own life? How can you search for a solution to someone’s problems, if yours are still unsolved?

This is a very important lesson to learn in your life. Of course, it is great to be helpful and carrying and comforting. But, first of all, remember to treat this way yourself. Your first responsibility is to take care of yourself, to grow your happiness and satisfaction in life. And then do the best you can to help others. When you will be content and fulfil with your life and passions, you will be more willing and will have more to share with others. This is so important, yet so neglected life truth. I do believe, that from now you will remember about it and always put your well-being first.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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