Keep high spirit

Keep high spirit

What your posture is telling about you? What kind of posture you are using usually? Is it, I am confident, a winner. Or rather I am shy, a loser. Or maybe it is something like, do not come any closer. I am a dangerous person. Should you actually care? How can you and why should you maintain posture?

What are postures?

Many of us have and, let’s say that this way, wear a posture. Sometimes it depends on the situation they are in. Sometimes, it is somewhat caused by an outcome of some action. Like for example, you might feel like a champion, when you score in a game. Or win something. But if you fail, especially if it is not for the first time, and you were giving, honestly, everything you got. This might make you feel bad. Stressed and anxious. And no one like that kind of feeling.

These kinds of negative emotions could accompany a situation when you are planning something. When you have a goal to which you want to go. Which you want to achieve. You have a plan, how you will proceed to it. And yet, no matter how much you put into it. No matter that you give all that you have. It all goes wrong. It is devastating. Or actually, it might be this way, if you let it. I know and understand, that you might not have abilities to change the outcome. I understand you might feel this way.

However, remember one important thing. Life, sometimes, wants to test you. Try you, how much you really want to achieve your goal. You can think about that this way, life wants to examine me. How much I am willing to do, maybe even sacrifice, to get to my goal. One more thing. Life sometimes might want to lead you a bit different way, than the one you have planned. A path that is better for you. On which you might find or learn something important. Something that is necessary for you, your growth and achieving your goal.

Why does your posture matter?

If you let, these unpleasant events, situations, outcomes, have a huge impact on your posture, you might find yourself struggling to feel and behave like a winner. I know that it might be hard to feel this way in a difficult situation. Though, let me ask you something. Who can decide how you feel? Is it your neighbour, the one who has power over your feelings? Or maybe that shop assistant from the cafeteria? Oh, wait. I know. The driver of that car, which splashes the pothole water on you. Is that right? Or it is you, who is responsible for your reactions to circumstances and events. Who is self-aware and responsible for your emotions. Hmm?

But why you actually might care to maintain your emotion. Who cares, besides you, about them? Many people. If you let your emotions and feelings lose, you most likely will hurt many people. The worst part is, that by doing this, you also hurting yourself. I can bet you do not want either of those. Unless you are that kind of person saying, that you do not care about others. That the most important is, that you feel good and you release the pressure off yourself. I hardly believe in this. But well, I am not saying no. Maybe you land here looking for a way to change this.

Anyway. The posture you hold, the one you present to the world, have a huge impact on you and your life. On your relations with other people. On the quality of your life. What do you think, how other people will react if you will be rude to them? How they will answer if, instead of asking, you will be ordering or demanding? How they will treat you if you will make them feel bad in your company? Would you enjoy the companion of such a person? Would you feel good and like the person if it will treat you unfair and offend you all the time?

How can you be one?

I know it is not always an easy thing, to be able to manage every emotion. Get this right though, by managing I am not stating that you should suppress your emotion. Managing is more like observing them. Like recognising the triggers that make you feel them. To understand why you feel in this specific way in given circumstances. What is actually hidden under that emotion? Finally, to find ways to avoid those triggers. To find a way how can you release the tension without harming anyone. And more importantly to not harming yourself.

It does not mean also, that you should reserve a room in which you will lock yourself to avoid any of the above. By doing this you not only will not grow. You will miss all the beauty of life. An old saying states – the one who does not make any mistake is the one who does nothing. So, whatever life will make you experience, remember – You are stronger than that. You are more than able to overcome that. You can embrace the moment, maintain a calm posture, release the tension safely and hold your head up high.

By acting this way, you are on the right way to your success. You are on the track to your goal. Even if you hit the wall, it is not the end of the world. It is only a test of your qualities. Another saying says – if it did not kill you, it will make you stronger. I know that you might want to have an easy, smooth life. But this is not the way, to your goal. Not the way, that transforms you into the person you need to be, to achieve and keep your price. Make your growth your investment. Go out of your comfort zone, cause only there is that path to your success.


In short no matter what will be going around you. No matter how rough sometimes life might be for you – hold a triumphant kind of posture. Be ready and do the things other do not want to do. This way you will have things others never will have. And, again, if something goes sideways – keep your head up. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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