Know the truth about yourself.

Know the truth about yourself.

From time to time you might meet someone, who might say something negative, about you or your doings. This person might tell you something that is not really nice. Maybe even offending. At least, that what you can believe, think at first. Though when you think about this a bit more, you might come to the conclusion, that you actually can not be sure of the intention of that person. That person might understand words it used in a different way, completely different from your assumptions. This person is just releasing some emotion, he or she, was struggling with. This does not mean it was a frontal attack on you.

Now, from you depends on, how you actually will treat this person words. You can do with those words whatever you like? It is you, who decide, how you will take those words and react. This whole perception of these words is in your head. So you can of course feel offended, start to argue, or try to explain yourself. You can feel anger, guilt, insult and so on. Though, do you want to? Do you really want to feel this way? Do you like to feel this way? What this is giving you? Is it, in any way, beneficial for you? Or maybe you treat that as a kind of punishment for your past bad doings? But, again, do you need that? Do you want that? So, maybe you want to do something about that? But what can you do?

Well, for starter, you might not take this person word personally. Ignore them. Don’t believe them. To be able to do that, you need to know one thing. You are valuable just because you exist. And you do not need to believe in what other people are saying. You know who you are and what you can do. Moreover, you have no idea, how much more you actually are able to do and achieve. You are an amazing being. Has great powers to be and do whatever you decide to. And no one opinion, expressed in words can change this. Furthermore, you do not have to prove to anyone, that it is wrong about you. That his, her, opinion is wrong. Know, that this is, this person concern, not yours.

The only thing you need to take care of is your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. As those are the only things you have an impact on and can change. Know your value. Believe in yourself. Remain calm whenever someone tries to express his, her, emotions in a way that might look offending. Do not let them into your mind. Do not let the negative energy impact your thoughts and emotions. Trust yourself. Know who you are. Love yourself and all your virtues. Recognize and work on your weaknesses and imperfections. Remember that you are a good, unique and valuable person. No one, from the outside, can change or question this. It is you who can and who do decide who you are and what kind of person you are.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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