Last day of life.

Last day of life.

What if today was your last day? Your last 24 hours? For once this could be a bit depressing, I know. But, if you focus on the other side. Would you not try to enjoy it as much as possible? Would you not appreciate every moment of it? Even those, not so nice? Like standing in the queue or waiting for your order.

Knowing that this is your last few hours, would you not enjoy the walk in the park? Sunshine on your face. Or even the dark clouds over the sky. The smell of flowers from the garden. Would you not enjoy even the day-by-day routines, like washing dishes, cleaning the house, cooking?

Maybe you would go a bit crazy and do the things you always wanted to do. Like jumping with a parachute, cycling down the mountain, go to a nightclub. You name it. All the things, from your to-do list. Those you never have time or courage to do.

Would you not enjoy all the little details of life? Every little thing in it? I bet you would cause it is a great thing to live. So why do you so easily forget about that? Why do you, like other people, so quickly go into the routine of complaining, disliking and tiredness? Do you really want to focus on those negative thoughts and feelings?

Is it the life that makes you feel this way? Or your approach to it? If that would be, truly your last day, I am sure that you would want to enjoy every second of it. You would be very eager to do every, even so-called, boring things. Moreover, you would please God, the Higher instance for another chance. Right?

So, now, good news. You don’t need to wait till your last day to actually appreciate everything that you have. Live now, savour your life and everything you already have. Enjoy all possibilities life brings you. Live a happy and blessed life today!

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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