Learn to be happy now.

Learn to be happy now.

Often you might think about all mistakes, misunderstandings and bad things that you did or that happens to you in the past. You feel guilt and sadness. Maybe even anger because of that. You can’t forget those. You can’t forgive yourself those things. Those mistakes. Or maybe, you are so worried, about what will happen in the future, especially now, with all those panics, pandemic and other things, hanging over our civilization. This worrying increase level of stress you feel.

Let’s face it, this kind of thinking, living in the past, remembering the bad stuff, or worrying about the future, is not really good for you. For your health. Both mental and physical. As you are probably aware, stress is good, to some degree. Its main purpose was to save a human from danger. To trigger “fight or flight” action in the event of some danger showing up. Though it was temporary. In our times, however, this is more permanent. You might live in constant stress, worrying about literally, everything. Job, money, debts, health, climate, animals, sun, and so on, and so on.

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Though I would like to introduce you to another concept. You are here, on this planet, in this world, to enjoy your life. To get from it all the best things and experiences. To be grateful for all the good moments. To feel love, fulfilment, happiness, contentment, gratitude and any other positive feeling you can think of. To live the life you love. A life that you desire. A Life that is full, of great things and adventures. A stress-free Life. A Life in which you fulfil yourself, your dreams and your life goals. A life with purpose. A life in which you grow to became a better version of you. How do you like that idea? I can bet you like it a lot.

The guilt about past events and stress for the future to come are killers of your happiness in life. Because of them, you can not be happy. You can not feel joy and satisfaction with anything. What would happen, when you, will free yourself from them? How would your life look if you release yourself from all guilt and stress? It is possible. The only thing you need to do is to, allow yourself for this. Forget about all what happen in the past. Stop worrying about what can the future brings. Notice all good, positive and beautiful things surrounding you here and now. Feel joy, passion and excitement. Smile often. Feed your heart with happiness and love. Finally, live your life.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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