Learn to strategize

Learn to strategize

There might be a time when you make a commitment to something. And just then you start to not keep it. As you start to see more and more tempting things around you. Sounds familiar?

I have that kind of experience, whenever I say, I am going to do this or that. At this moment, I am starting to notice things that are distractive to my commitment. Those things were always there, but as I make a commitment, they start to “jump” at me.

I have learned from this something about the human subconscious. If you make a commitment, it usually means changes. And you might consciously know and understand that this is for your own good. However, your subconscious thinks, that this is dangerous and not good for you. And it needs to “protect” you.

If you start to fight with this you will just use tonnes of your energy and eventually, you will give up. What can you do, then? First, admit that yes you do not want to change anything. Maybe you are even scared of this commitment you make.

Then start to plan, how can you avoid those distractions. Maybe you need to change your route. Or stop going to some places. Know your distractions, and plan to avoid them.

The thing is, to not fight with yourself, as you burn yourself and lose. Make peace with yourself, and agree that this might be something, you are not hundred per cent happy with. And strategize for overcoming your distractions by avoiding them.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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