Learn to trust the universe

Learn to trust the universe

I want to share today a part of my friend book. Unpublished yet. But I think it will be a great one.

When you can’t make your dreams come true. Stop! And don’t bang your head against the wall. Don’t fight! Just think for a second, why you can’t? Maybe the universe has other plans for you.
You think you know better, but maybe you are wrong? When setting a goal, for example, you want to have your own home and you think you know where it should be. How it should look. Then again you may be wrong. You might not know if that will be really the best for you.
The universe is guiding you to achieve your goal, but perhaps the path leads you through an experience you actually need. And you will learn the most important lesson of life – trust. Going with the flow, not against.
Because fighting and stamping your feet. I want to have it, I want it now. This is just a waste of energy that won’t do anything. It won’t lead you anywhere. So if something is not going according to your plan. Think about it. And have faith, trust that the universe has something great for you ahead.

Dorota Widawska


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