Learn to trust.

Learn to trust.

How much do you trust the Universe? Higher Instance? God? You name it. I am quite sure, that in this instance, you are trying to convince me, yourself and everybody around, that you do trust.

Are you really? What makes you so sure about that? Do your actions, actually, prove this? Or maybe, you just think that you trust, but in reality, you plan every step of your day. Every single action is planned, and you proceed with that plan.

If that is true, sorry but, you are not really trusting. Rather you are trying to control your life, world, environment, and so on. To truly trust, there is one, important thing, you can not omit. It is not knowing. Not knowing what will happen next. What you will do next or what will be the outcome, of your actions.

You will need to embrace this idea and allow the universe to take care of you. It does not mean that you should be completely careless and planless. It means that you specify the goal, endpoint and trust, with whole your heart and soul, that the universe will lead you to it in the best for you way.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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