Let yourself to be faulty.

Let yourself to be faulty.

How much are you striving for perfection? How often do you not allow yourself for any weaknesses? How are you react, when you “miss the ball”? How mad at yourself you get when you do something “wrong”? How harsh are you for yourself, in such situations? Can you forgive yourself and forget about them? What are you actually getting from this kind of behaviours?

It is a good approach when you do your best and gives all you have to accomplish tasks and do things. Though, you need to understand the difference of doing your best and being, or actually trying to be perfect. When you want to be perfect, you actually increase the level of stress and guilt. As unconsciously you know you can not be perfect, it is impossible. Thou consciously you do not want to admit this.

When you doing your best you know and understand that you might not achieve your goal. But you do know that when you love your self and treat yourself with trust and kindness, you will achieve more. You do understand, that this approach, gives better results, than punishing self for every small mistake, you might make. You are aware also, that, when you give yourself support, trust and love, you actually gain infinite power to achieve anything you set yourself for.

Secondly, with that kind of approach, you do not cut your wings off. And even when you make a mistake, you are more willing to try again. When you find some weak point in yourself, it is easier for you to do something about it. The whole process of improving yourself becomes a fun game. So, now, what is the one thing you would like to improve in yourself or in which you would like to be better? What are you willing to do to accomplish this? Remember that you will be with yourself till the end, not someone else. So always have your support and love yourself.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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