Let’s talk about changes.

Let’s talk about changes.

Some time ago, years or decades in your past, your mind saves information that changes are bad. Any change is bad. You can not let go of anything. You can not change anything.

This kind of conclusion is saved in your memory. And every time you stand in front of that kind of situation in life, your brain triggers a set of reactions, that should help save you from danger.

For example, think about losing your job. What kind of emotions, and feelings this thought triggers? Most likely not too encouraging, isn’t it?

The thing is that you are in power to override those beliefs. First of all, understand that constancy is no guarantee of safety. It is, rather dangerous to be stuck in a place you do not even like to be.

Observe your emotion and reactions. Draw your conclusions and write new beliefs in your brain, such as:

  • changes are good
  • changes are chances for great experiences
  • changes are interesting
  • changes are inspiring.

Look forward to changes in your life, Trust that the universe will bring you only things that are good for you.


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