Life-changing Quest-ions.

Life-changing Quest-ions.

In your life, there are things that you are not happy with. It might be your job, your appearance. You name it.

For some reason, you think that you can not change it. Maybe someone imprints that kind of believe in you when you were young. Or you might experience some situation you could not handle properly at that time.

You know what? That’s actually not relevant. The important thing is to answer, honestly some questions, like.

Why do I want to change that? Why, it is, so important for me? How would I love to the thing to be? Why do I want to be this way? What steps do I need to take to make this happen? When will I take them? When and how will I know that I have achieved my goal?

Follow this line of questioning yourself. Ask a lot of “whys”. Answer them honestly. Within harmony of your heart. Focus on action. On things, that you can do, to get to your goal. Even if that will be just baby steps. And follow the steps you set for yourself.


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