Life is an adventure.

Life is an adventure.

How serious are you about life? Do you afraid of slip or fall? Do you afraid of being judge by other people? That they will laugh at you because you fall into the mud? Or slip on the ice, making strange and funny figures?

Why are you so afraid of that? What this fear and worry gives you? Do you feel better because of those emotions? So why you hold so dearly to them? Why don’t you want to let go of them? What is so precious about them?

What will happen when you fall into the mud? You get dirty. What can you do about that? Wash yourself and your clothes, correct. Will people laugh at you? Surly. Can you do something about this? You can laugh with them. This makes people quickly get bored and forget about the whole situation.

The same approach you can use in every situation. When you are about to start something new. Learn a new skill. Or maybe you just dream about some new experience. Stop thinking about what others will think or say. Unless you are in power to change their minds, memories and way of thinking.

You fail? So what? You can get up. You get dirty? So what? You can wash it out. Will people laugh? So what? Laugh with them. And know one thing. They laugh or maybe even point at you because they are jealous that you have the guts to do it. That you, not them, stand out, brave and strong, even if you knew you might fail.

Life is a great adventure, you can live it in fear of others judgements, or you can experience everything you like. Life is full of mysteries waiting for curious and brave people to discover them, to experience them. So how it gonna be? Will you go out looking for your mud baths, ice patches and puddles? Go and enjoy your greatest adventure, your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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