Life justice.

Life justice.

– Life is fair.

No, it’s not. I am quite sure that kind of thought invades your mind at this moment. And you might straightaway list things that will prove you right, such as wars, poverty, famine and so on. The list, most likely, will be very long. Or you might say that life does not pay back for bad as well as for good acts.

However, I want you to consider something else. Life is fair and intelligent. It is giving you only things that you are prepared for. Life fairness does not mean that we all will have an equal amount of money, riches and other things.

Your way through life is different than mine or other people’s. So why do you think you would need the things that I have? Or your neighbour? Or some superstar? Life gives you exactly what you need on your way. Still not convinced? Think about that.

Someone got a huge, lovely house, great job and a lot of money, only to, one day, understand that this is not giving true happiness and freedom. Another could not have as much, could live in poverty to be focused on spiritual growth, to achieve inside harmony, peace and joy.

The thing is to stop comparing your life with other lives. Understand that you have got everything that is best for you. Look at that gifts from life and find out how you can use them for the greatest good.

Be positive, be blessed, and peace out.


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