Life teachers

Life teachers

What to do when someone annoys you? When someone makes you feel bad or sad? Did you ever wonder why you meet such people in your life?

Even when you try to avoid them. Hide from them. Those people always find a way to show up in your life. And put their finger in your pain point.

Those people are in your life for a reason. A very important one. They are your teachers. Your private couchers. How’s that?

Usually when you are not happy with something in your life, your body, your emotions. You most likely try to cover this up. You might do this by buying new clothes or gadgets. Drinking alcohol. And so on.

But this actually won’t work in the long run. It is just temporary. This thing you are not happy with, not proud, will resurface again. Sadly usually is even stronger, worst than before.

For that reason, you’re meeting those people in your life. It is not coincident. They show you exactly the feeling, area in your life you need to work out on.

When you meet those people now. With this knowledge. Think of them as great teachers of life. As people want to help you.

Stand aside and look at your emotions, reactions from a different perspective. Draw conclusions. Why am I feeling this? What does he or she want to show me? Implement necessary adjustments in you.

You might be surprised seeing those people disappear from your life or shifting their behaviour completely, as their mission to is over. You pass your lesson. You improve yourself, your life.


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